Cole Clark Guitars build custom guitar for Hanne Kah

The Australian luthiers of Cole Clark stand for acoustic guitars that look unique and sound phenomenal for two special reasons: the selection of woods and the in-house pickup system. Cole Clark is often seen as special for its use of exclusively Australian woods. The exotic woods such as Bunya, California-grown Californian Redwood, Blackwood, or European Maple can be found on their guitars. All of the … Continue reading Cole Clark Guitars build custom guitar for Hanne Kah

Alexandr Misko at Musikmesse 2019

Musikmesse 2019 – Our topics at a glance

Baton Rouge Guitars celebrates 20th anniversary at Musikmesse For more than 20 years, Baton Rouge Guitars have stood for high quality guitars. “We aim to build a distinctive brand at an affordable price. We have the aspiration to make the best possible guitar for little money”, says Baton Rouge Product Manager Bernd Wagner. In the past few years, our own brand has been able to … Continue reading Musikmesse 2019 – Our topics at a glance

Musikmesse 2018: All news at a glance

It’s that time of the year again where we will be presenting something new. This year we will have a large stand in Hall 8, where we will present our own brands and some of our sales brands. There will be some new features for many brands and we will also be adding a new brand exclusively to our range of distributors. Do you want … Continue reading Musikmesse 2018: All news at a glance

Cole Clark Musikmesse 2018

Musikmesse 2018: This Cole Clark Artists are coming

A booth at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt has been a tradition at Reinhardt GmbH for many years. At Hall 8, we are an important meeting point for customers, musicians and fans. The central components here are the numerous musicians and guitarists we always have as brand ambassadors. Also this year we are excited to have invited great musicians for Cole Clark Guitars. For each of … Continue reading Musikmesse 2018: This Cole Clark Artists are coming

Reinhardt GmbH at Guitar Summit 2017

From the 8th to the 10th of September, we will be together with many other major brands at the first Guitar Summit in Mannheim. As the name suggests, this event is devoted to the guitar and all its related aspects. In addition to the numerous national and international brands, musicians and experts from all over the world are expected to be in Mannheim attending Concerts … Continue reading Reinhardt GmbH at Guitar Summit 2017

Fingerstyle Movie – Easy to Learn, Hard to master

Drew Roller had one great difficulty. He wanted to learn more about fingerstyle. The problem was that the Internet did not give him the information he was looking for. So he decided to travel around half the world to talk to the people who are active in the scene. The result is this honest documentary “The Fingerstyle Movie”, about a young and very talented group … Continue reading Fingerstyle Movie – Easy to Learn, Hard to master

Cole Clark FL3 BMS

Cole Clark Fat Lady 3 BMS – Big, Bigger, Fat Lady

The Cole Clark FL3 BMS is one of the highlights of the Cole Clark product range. The Australian guitar maker always scores first with extraordinary wooden combinations. The CCFL3EC-BMS also comes with mainly Australian woods. The Top is build with the topseller of the Cole Clark Tonewood range: Bunya. Almost half of all the Cole Clark instruments sold are built with Australian Tonewood. This is one aspect of the typical Cole Clark sound. Continue reading “Cole Clark Fat Lady 3 BMS – Big, Bigger, Fat Lady”


Musikmesse 2017 – The fingerstylers at our booth

For years, we have been promoting young fingerstylers, equipping them with instruments and sending them to workshops and concert tours. It is therefore obvious that we also have the creme de la creme of our musicians at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. As in the past year, we will also have live music at our booth during all the days at the Musikmesse. Continue reading “Musikmesse 2017 – The fingerstylers at our booth”

Maneli Jamal

Maneli Jamal – The Mardon Movement

It is hard to imagine what it means not to have a home. For Maneli Jamal, however, this feeling had been a reality for a long time. He fled from Iran with his family at a very age. By the time he was 18 years old, he had moved almost 20 times within four different countries (Belarus, Germany, USA and Canada). He never had a real home during this turbulent period of his life. Continue reading “Maneli Jamal – The Mardon Movement”


Musikmesse 2017 – Reinhardt GmbH digital portfolio

We will be presenting some of our instruments and accessories at this year’s Musikmesse Frankfurt. In addition, we have set up a digital portfolio for our customers, the media and everyone who’s interested in what we are showing at the fair. Here you can find all the instruments and products, all concerts and events which will take place at our booth. Continue reading “Musikmesse 2017 – Reinhardt GmbH digital portfolio”