Cole Clark Musikmesse 2018

Musikmesse 2018: This Cole Clark Artists are coming

A booth at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt has been a tradition at Reinhardt GmbH for many years. At Hall 8, we are an important meeting point for customers, musicians and fans. The central components here are the numerous musicians and guitarists we always have as brand ambassadors. Also this year we are excited to have invited great musicians for Cole Clark Guitars. For each of the four days, we will have the acoustic guitarist Maneli Jamal, German band Hanne Kah and the Australian Blueser and Cole Clark house musician Lloyd Spiegel performing in our line-up. Here are the musicians in detail:

Maneli Jamal Cole Clark Artist

Maneli is now one of the house musicians of Cole Clark. Wherever we are with the brand, Maneli is usually at the start. That has also been the case for the past two years at the Musikmesse. Maneli has lived in 5 countries so far (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA and Canada) and has moved 20 times until the age of 18. Last but not least, this artist matures musically through his nomadic life. He implements this with the use of special guitar playing techniques and combines all his experiences with his music. Maneli presents his very special Cole Clark guitar, which he travels the world with!

Hanne Kah Cole Clark Artist

She says about herself, “I grew up and often had, among many others, ladies like Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman in my ear, watching them accompany themselves on the acoustic guitar, when I started to record my own songs, the choice of a suitable instrument was easy, since then the acoustic guitar has not left me! ” And that’s probably why a Cole Clark is the instrument of choice. At the Musikmesse we are happy that Hanne Kah will be in the trio.

Loyd Spiegel Cole Clark Artist

Lloyd Spiegel is basically the artistic and musical director of Cole Clark. Musically, he tours the world all year round and in between, he advises the boys of Cole Clark in terms of sound. After having had break from the music trade fair last year, he’s back on the grid again this year and will be at the booth all the time, performing sessions, playing guitars, and having a bite to eat. Lloyd Spiegel embodies the blues like no other. His singing is as outstanding as his guitar playing. In this respect, a visit to our booth to hear Lloyd is an absolute must see.