Musikmesse 2017 – The fingerstylers at our booth

For years, we have been promoting young fingerstylers, equipping them with instruments and sending them to workshops and concert tours. It is therefore obvious that we also have the creme de la creme of our musicians at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. As in the past year, we will also have live music at our booth during all the days at the Musikmesse.

Fingerstyler, Workshops and everything you need

Our endorsers will show their musicianship on various instruments on two stages. In addition, we were also able to accommodate some musicians at the Acoustic Stage from the Musikmesse Frankfurt for 2017. This year, we also decided to add a special workshop area – in a separate room, some of our endorsers will talk about their skills, explain how they get inspired and even give out some of their technical advice. By clicking here, you can find out more about our workshop schedule. Down below. you can find out more about some of our endorsers in this years Musikmesse Frankfurt.

Peter Gerley FingerstylerPeter Gergely is one of three successful Youtube fingerstylers whom we will be able to welcome at the fair this year. With over 400,000 subscribers, the Hungarian is a youtube heavyweight among the fingerstylers. Last year, he honored us at the fair. Besides numerous gigs this year, he will also give a workshop about how to be successful on youtube.

Eddie van der Meer Fingerstyler

The second is Eddie van der Meer. The Dutchman joins Peter with nearly 250,000 Youtube subscribers. Musically, however, they are on the same level. That is why Eddie is also one of those happy Baton Rouge endorsers, who will present their signature model at the show.

Andrew Foy Fingerstyler

Andrew Foy is our third endorser, presenting his Baton Rouge signature model at the Musikmesse. With nearly 350,000 subscribers and about 40 million video views, he is one of the top stars of the fingerstyle Youtube scene.


Maneli Jamal FingerstylerManeli Jamal is a professional guitarist. Most of the time, the Canadian travels around the world with his Cole Clark Signature, plays at guitar festivals, makes shop tours, or gives his own concerts. He will also play at the Acoustic Stage and give a Workshop.

Frano Fingerstyle
© claude piscitelli

Only 12 years old but what an artist! Frano Zivkovic is playing the guitar – among other instruments – since he was three years old. His most important hero on stage is Tommy Emmanuel. At the age of 8 he joined TE on stage and in late 2016 he was booked as a support act on TE’s Germany tour.

Esmann FingerstyleCasper Esmann is one of Denmark’s best fingerstyle guitarists around today. Casper, who came from playing classical piano for 7 years, was introduced to the guitar just nine years ago. He has played and performed with many famous musicians from all over the world, including Sungha Jung, Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Robinson & Adam Rafferty. His musical journey is definitely moving along! Great to have him on board at the Musikmesse again.

Julia Lange FingerstylerJulia Lange has achieved multiple awards on the classical guitar: 1st Prize at “ Roland-Zimmer-Gitarrenwettbewerb” and the 1st Prize at “Jugend musiziert” three times in a row! Being educated in classical guitar, she has now found a new love: fingerstyle guitar! Whether it is classical or fingerstyle, nylon or steel strings – Julia knows just how to capture the audience fully with all her musical flexibility!

Illona Bolou FingerstylerIllona Bolou is from France. She is a self-taught guitarist. Since then she has been a rising star. Illona is a rhythmic talent and a master of different fingerstyle techniques.

Magdalena Kowalczyk FingerstylerMagdalena Kowalczyk is a technical talent. Often one cannot believe the how a 20 year old musician captures the elegance of  extremely hard to play musical classics. Magdalena is one member of this extraordinary musical circle. Virtuoso runs on the fretboard sound playfully out of her instrument, combined with dexterous tremolos – the result is a new and special sound production.

Markus Stelzer FingerstylerMarkus Stelzer started on steel strings and has made listeners prick up their ears in his gigs. A Masters student at the University in Stuttgart, he started out in the music business at the BR-Tour in Switzerland in September 2016. It is the youthful effortlessness on his stringed instrument and his mastery of the calm, ballad-like tone he produces in which this musician touches his audience so much. 

ReginaRegina Bakhritdinova started playing the guitar in 2010. Regina says that 2017 will be another huge step forward for her musical life: “I feel honored being booked for Musikmesse in Frankfurt and for my first international gigs in Germany. After some young girl’s worrying I now look very much forward for all to come and would love to meet some of my musical heroes face to face. I am a bit excited for what life will have in store for me in the future …”