Strengthening the Reinhardt GmbH portfolio through the acquisition of DUKE Guitars.

F.l.t.r: Gunther Reinhardt (Reinhardt GmbH), Harti Pilsner (La Corda, Duke Guitars), Armin Hanika (Duke Guitars, Hanika Gitarren)

Reinhardt GmbH is proud to announce that we will be expanding our portfolio to fill the void in mid-to high priced acoustic and classic guitars through the purchase and acquisition of the entire product range of Duke Guitars effective April 1, 2021. This acquisition will include Duke Classic Guitars, Duke Acoustic Gutars, Duke Artists, and the string brand Knobloch strings, as well as Hiscox brand cases. 

Founded in 2010 by master luthier Armin Hanika and Harti Pilsner, Duke guitars has earned it’s place as a respected player in the mid to high priced guitar segment thanks to a strong product strategy and unique manufacturing approach. Every Duke guitar is designed in Germany, and the base is assembled in China. After assembly, the guitars are then sent back to Germany for final processing and adjustments which are and will continue to be done by hand by our luthiers in house.  Details such as finalizing and optimizing each guitars string position, polishing and dressing the frets and more will from hereon out be done by our experts in the Reinhardt GmbH workshop in Tübingen. To ensure consistency in quality and development, Armin Hanika, master Luthier and Founder of Duke Guitars, will continue to support the brand in an advisory capacity. The production approach, and quality assurance promise of Duke Guitars will therefore continue to anchor overall value proposition of the brand moving forward.

Bestacoustics Reinhardt GmbH is a well known and respected wholesaler and manufacturer of guitars, ukuleles, accessories and more. In operation for over two decades, the company has successfully managed to not only distribute well-known third party brands, but has also established two owned brands with Baton Rouge Guitars and La Mancha Guitars: both which are recognized as worthy and elemental competitors within the industry. The acquisition of Duke Guitars should strengthen the position of the company, reinforce the portfolio, and will allow the company to continue delivering against evolving customer needs. “We are convinced that with the Duke brand we will make the offer even more attractive for our customers. With the well-known team, we will maintain the type of quality control and ensure the quality standard of the Duke guitars, ”said Gunther Reinhardt, founder and managing director of Reinhardt GmbH.