Guitar recording – how to use a compressor!

By Markus Stelzer

In the last part of our series we explained the basics for recording guitars. Now it is about the sound processing and improvement of the recorded audio track. To this time, one of the most important audio processing tools is presented: the compressor. It might not be very easy to understand in the beginning, but with a little practice you will become more familiar in dealing with it.

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Fingerstyle Movie – Easy to Learn, Hard to master

Drew Roller had one great difficulty. He wanted to learn more about fingerstyle. The problem was that the Internet did not give him the information he was looking for. So he decided to travel around half the world to talk to the people who are active in the scene. The result is this honest documentary “The Fingerstyle Movie”, about a young and very talented group … Continue reading Fingerstyle Movie – Easy to Learn, Hard to master