Our brands at the Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020

After we had to forego all trade fair visits this year, we are more than happy that we are part of the Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020. Developed out of necessity, the Web Camp will certainly set a new course in our industry. Just like at the Guitar Summit, it is also a matter of honor for us to be there from the very beginning at digital version of the summit.

That’s why we look forward to welcoming you to our digital brand pages at the first edition of the Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020, starting from November 28th 2020. All the content will be available for two weeks at free access.

Baton Rouge Guitars

With Baton Rouge Guitars we present a fine selection of guitars and ukuleles across our range. Right at the front are the models from our brand new “20s reloaded-Series”. As a program, there will be a live webinar with our ukulele teacher Michael Fromm at Baton Rouge Guitars. All information about the webinar is available here.

We are also showing a concert / workshop with our endorser Janek Pentz and his new Baton Rouge Signature Guitar.

La Mancha Guitars

At La Mancha Guitars we were able to engage the US guitarist William Kanengiser from the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. We present classical guitar at the highest level. William Kanengiser will offer a workshop / concert at the Summit. We are also giving away an exclusive digital guitar lesson with William Kanengiser at the Guitar Summit. You can find informations on participation at the giveaway on our Guitar Summit Web Camp product page, starting from Saturday, November 28th.

Cole Clark Guitars

At Cole Clark Guitars we offer a variety of our instruments together with the full sound journey. Don’t miss out when Cole Clark CEO Miles Jackson gives the full insight into the world of Clark from the Melbourne manufacturing facility. You can find out everything about the philosophy, woods and series at this workshop.

In terms of sound, we were able to engage the Canadian guitarist Maneli Jamal this years guitar summit web camp. In a half-hour workshop, Maneli gives you a perfect insight into the possibilities of a Cole Clark guitar.