Cole Clark Guitars build custom guitar for Hanne Kah

The Australian luthiers of Cole Clark stand for acoustic guitars that look unique and sound phenomenal for two special reasons: the selection of woods and the in-house pickup system.

Cole Clark is often seen as special for its use of exclusively Australian woods. The exotic woods such as Bunya, California-grown Californian Redwood, Blackwood, or European Maple can be found on their guitars. All of the woods used are naturally fallen wood stocks or those that need to be felled anyway. The Australians thus follow a strict sustainability principle, which they consistently pursue. They avoid using protected woods such as rosewood and instead establish unknown and local wood species for guitar making.

In terms of sound, the excellent characteristics of the tonewoods create the “most natural sounding pickup” from their respective species. The three-way pickup system consisting of a Piezo pickup, face sensor and condenser microphone covers as much of the entire frequency range as possible for a clear, natural sound.

Mainz band Hanne Kah builds Custom Cole Clark

For the Mainz folk band Hanne Kah, these are exactly the reasons why they have been relying on guitars by Cole Clark for years. Now the band has gone a step further and have built a custom guitar in Australia. The advantage is obvious. The lead woman Hanne was able to build a guitar exactly to her liking. “I play the guitar very dynamically, so I chose Bunya as the top. The wood is very dynamic and yet it can also portray quiet passages well. For Back & Sides we used European Maple, as it rounds off the sound of the guitar in the middle frequencies. Not to mention, the grains are also visually attractive”, says Hanne Kah about the AN2E-BEM-CUS, her custom made Cole Clark guitar.

Hanne Kah: My Cole Clark Custom guitar is 100% sustainable

The principle of sustainable production is also an important aspect as to why Hanne Kah only uses Cole Clark guitars. “Cole Clark really pull the sustainability concept through. This sets them apart from other manufacturers. I am proud to say that my custom guitar is also completely sustainable”, says Hanne Kah. The fact that Hanne Kah is particularly committed to environmental protection was shown in the current single “Greta”. The song is dedicated to the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, all the names the song scores are 100% tied to climate protection organizations.

In addition to being heard on the stage, the new Hanne Kah Custom Cole Clark is also heard on the band’s new album. “The natural sound of the guitar is perfect for our basic sound of acoustic guitars. This way, we can also achieve a great vintage sound, which reminds me a bit of the old Joni Mitchell records, yet which still sounds modern.” The new album by Hanne Kah is titled” Y “and will be released on May 10th.