Soundbellows® – Reinhardt GmbH presents new instrument for classroom music

Soundbellows® fill a gap in pedagogical tools used for so-called “classroom music”. The handy instruments ideally complement Orff’s instruments or Boomwhackers®, which are indispensable today in modern music education. Learning groups enable the young to enjoy music without having to learn their instrument for years. By using a small bellows for sound generation, the instrument is suitable for all ages and you can start playing music immediately.

Soundbellows® for classroom music

A continuous practice in this sophisticated game helps deepen the musical ear of the child by differentiating between tone lengths and dynamic volume. The interaction of the Soundbellows® creates a natural sound which – based on the harmonica and accordion – on the one hand gives a musical arrangement of several groups of instruments an additional timbre, and on the other hand leads as a homogeneous body of sound to an appealing musical result.

The first assortment will consist of three diatonic sets (8 soundbellows each). In addition, there are three chromatic sets (5 soundbellows each).

Soundbellows® package

Soundbellows® is a trademark of Reinhardt GmbH.