Musikmesse 2018: All news at a glance

It’s that time of the year again where we will be presenting something new. This year we will have a large stand in Hall 8, where we will present our own brands and some of our sales brands. There will be some new features for many brands and we will also be adding a new brand exclusively to our range of distributors. Do you want … Continue reading Musikmesse 2018: All news at a glance

Boom Bus – A music educational refugee project

Since the summer of 2015, over 2.5 million refugees have applied for asylum in an EU country. More than one million of them have migrated through Greece or Italy. While the whole of the European Union is still disputing about a suitable distribution solution, the border countries are suffering from the enormous immigration wave. Continue reading “Boom Bus – A music educational refugee project”


Musikmesse 2017 – Reinhardt GmbH digital portfolio

We will be presenting some of our instruments and accessories at this year’s Musikmesse Frankfurt. In addition, we have set up a digital portfolio for our customers, the media and everyone who’s interested in what we are showing at the fair. Here you can find all the instruments and products, all concerts and events which will take place at our booth. Continue reading “Musikmesse 2017 – Reinhardt GmbH digital portfolio”