Ramirez introduces new Estudio Line

The name Ramirez is associated with the Spanish guitar art as the brand “Tempo” is with the handkerchief. This traditional house is currently building high-quality classical guitars for their fifth generation and to keep up with the times, it has managed bring tradition into the modern era. This already became apparent when the guitar manufacturer suddenly introduced cheaper models for students with the “Student” series. However, the series will run under the name “Estudio Line”, created with a new and improved sound quality and craftsmanship. For visual distinction, they will also be equipped with a rosette.

Estudio Line comes with 650 and 630 scale

Ramirez Guitars are among the first classical guitar makers who started using cedar blankets on their instruments. Today, the Cedrus Deodara is standard on a Ramirez guitar. This is also the case with the Estudio models. Within the three models Estudio 1,2 and 3 there will be a variant with classic cedar top with both 650 and 630 scale and a variant with spruce top and 650 scale.

Flamenco and Guitarra del Tiempo in the Estudio Line

Also new in the series are two flamenco models. The Estudio Flamenco, classic with cypress back and sides and the Estudio Flamenco Palosanto with rosewood back and sides.

Estudio Line

Since the 125th anniversary and the 130th anniversary of the Ramirez brand, a jubilee model has been launched on the market. Meanwhile, this model runs under the name “Guitara del Tiempo” and is revised from time to time. Now this model which comes in two variants, one with spruce top and one with cedar top, is no longer a novelty. What is new is that the Guitara del Tiempo will be part of the “Estudio” series in the future.

All details and information about the individual models are available in the table. More information about Ramirez can be found online on the Ramirez website. If you are a dealer and you are interested in the Estudio models, feel free to contact us.