Guitar Summit Unplugged Tour 2018

From the 7th to the 9th of September, the Guitar Summit 2018 will take place in Mannheim’s Rosengarten. And again this year we will be back with some of our brands. However, the first highlight will literally be implemented during the four days before the Summit. Together with our partners from the Guitar Summit, our colleagues from Gitarre & Bass, Elixir Strings and Acus Amps, we are sending three of our Baton Rouge and La Mancha endorsers on an Unplugged Tour through Germany.

Guitar Summit Unplugged Tour

Three guitarists on Guitar Summit Unplugged Tour

During the four days tour, Illona Bolou, Magdalena Kowalczyk and Regina Bakhritdinova will play four concerts in Hamburg, Berlin, Ibbenbüren and Brilon. And these are the exact dates:

03.09.2018 • HAMBURG • JUST MUSIC • 6 PM
04.09.2018 • BERLIN • JUST MUSIC • 6 PM
06.09.2018 • BRILON • MUSIC WORLD • 6 PM

The Next Generation on tour

In the house of Baton Rouge and La Mancha the promotion of young, talented guitarists is an important aspect. The three guitarists we send on tour are among the most important outcomes of this promotion. And these are the ladies:

Regina (21) started with classical guitar and did not imagine being on the stage regularly on an international level. Last year she was booked at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and in the summer she successfully completed a tour through Germany.

Illona (22) is a top-class fingerstyle guitarist and composer. She is a phenomenon and uses her guitar as a multi-instrument for percussion, bass and melody.

With Magdalena (21) it seems almost unbelievable with what elegance young guitarists approach even the most difficult classics! Without a doubt, Magdalena belongs to this circle of outstanding musicians. Playfully, the runs flow from her instrument and unite into a very special and unique sound tapestry.