The new Baton Rouge Ukes CITES free!

For years, the Ukulele range at Baton Rouge Guitars has enjoyed great popularity throughout all generations. Therefore, their price performance ratio is particularly interesting – high quality workmanship with selected woods at a fair price. This is the philosophy behind Baton Rouge Guitars, for both acoustic guitars and ukuleles. Finally we got our Ukes Cites free!

Since CITES we have stopped using rosewood

Since the end of 2016, when we were completely overtaken by the CITES regulations, we weren’t sure if we could continue with the additional bureaucratic effort of the previous price policy. As a reminder, at the Washington Conservation Conference, Rosewood was put under special protection and has been subject to certification since then.

Till then, at Baton Rouge Guitars we have equipped all of our Uke-fingerboards with rosewood. But documenting the origin for every small piece of wood was a lot of work.

So we have decided to dispense entirely with the palisander fignerboards in the production of ukuleles. This would save us a lot of work and ultimately, we would also act in the conservation of the rosewood species by not using endangered timber varieties for the construction of ukuleles.

The new ukuleles with walnut fretboard are here

From now on, all different series of ukuleles are equipped with a walnut fingerboard and bridge. The first models have been on the market for a few days. And at the Ukulele Day at the end of October at Thomann in Treppendorf (Germany) you can convince yourself of it.