Shadow Guitars – Building guitars with Ren Ferguson

Over decades, Shadow Electronics have built a name with their pickup systems. Now Shadow founder Joe Marinic has built a state-of-the-art guitar factory in China. The first shot of Shadow Guitars is now on the market – built with the help of a legend in guitar construction.

Ren Ferguson is one of those inconspicuous types that do not appear to be much to big business at first. That seems ironic in a way when you look at the big guitar brands for whom he had already built guitars in his career: he worked for Gibson for more than 25 years, changed to Fender in 2012 and then led the “Development and Manufacture” division of the Guild factory. So no reason to be humble! Ren Ferguson is undoubtedly one of the most legendary guitar builders in the United States. And it is most likely his inconspicuous self that is exactly what distinguishes him: in all the great hustle and bustle between sales figures, mass production and business, it is still primarily about the craftsmanship and construction of good, beautiful and sustainable instruments.

And there is something else about Ren Ferguson’s career: He has always been attracted to discovering something new. His career has been dominated by new opportunities – and his new project, Shadow Guitars.

Ren Ferguson and his Shadow Guitars
Ren Ferguson and his Shadow Guitars

Shadow Guitars are built in the world’s most advanced guitar factory

Imagine you are a successful entrepreneur and have since reached an age where you could spend the summer relaxing on the boat in the Croatian Adriatic. Instead, you decide to take another huge sum of money and build the most modern guitar factory in China. This is a bit like the story about the bed, which has already been made: you only have to get in it. This is how Joe Marinic and Ren Ferguson are connected: One has been successful with Shadow Electronics for decades and has built up the Geman based traditional company into a pickup giant. The other has helped decades of know-how in guitar construction and the very big brands to success. One therefore brings the money, the other the expertise.

Joe Marinic (left) and Ren Ferguson are working in the most modern guitars factory in the world
Joe Marinic (left) and Ren Ferguson are working in the most modern guitars factory in the world

Together, they have built a guitar production line in China in 2015, which is unparalleled, and thereby create high-quality and full-mass instruments, which are really unbeatable in price. Their result is known as Shadow Guitars and they are launching their market in Europe soon.

At the moment, almost 5,000 instruments are being built per month in the factory. At Shadow Guitars, efficiency and accuracy meet: their precise design is followed by new, modern and innovative processes – for example a new UV finishing that makes it possible to apply so thinly and evenly that the guitars no longer need to be polished. This saves you from a complete work step and of course also a lot of money.

Shadow Guitars offer full-mass, high-quality instruments at an unbeatable price. But be sure to convince yourself first. Shadow guitars can be purchased and tested in your local music shop.

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