Musikmesse 2017 – Reinhardt GmbH digital portfolio

We will be presenting some of our instruments and accessories at this year’s Musikmesse Frankfurt. In addition, we have set up a digital portfolio for our customers, the media and everyone who’s interested in what we are showing at the fair. Here you can find all the instruments and products, all concerts and events which will take place at our booth.

Fingerstyle: The Reinhardt GmbH presents “The Next Generation” on Musikmesse 2017

Having a booth at the Musikmesse was never only about showing your products and making good deals. Since the beginning, it has always been a hub for creative heads and amazing musicians. Therefore, we will show up at the Musikmesse with a big number of musicians and endorsers. There will be young guitarists in our booth the whole week long showing their music. In addition, we will have a separate workshop room at this year’s Musikmesse Frankfurt. For more information about the musicians, timetables for gigs and workshops, click on the item below.


How CITES is changing the MI-Business

There had been a big issue at the Reinhardt GmbH during the past couple of months. We had been struggling through the last months because of the new resolutions at the CITES species conservation conference. But now we think that we are emerging strengthened from this. We believe that we have found an answer to CITES. The Reinhardt GmbH has now developed a scientifically approved method to thermally modify tonewood. With this method, we are going to show that it is possible to build guitars with local wood and achieve good quality instruments. For further information about this topic, click on the picture below.


Portfolio: All the products for Musikmesse in one click

The Reinhardt GmbH will be showing a wide range of products at the Musikmesse 2017. We will present a selection of products featuring brands like Baton Rouge Guitars, La Mancha Guitars, Cole Clark Guitars, Washburn, Tonträger, Boomwhacker and many more. Besides our retail brands, one of our tonewood associates from Switzerland, Florinett Tonewood, will be showing the wide line-up of tonewood. For a more detailed list of all products to be displayed at the Musikmesse 2017, please click on the picture below.