EGTA recommendation for La Mancha guitars

This year, some of our instruments have been awarded by the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association) as part of the 13th Guitar Competition for School Guitars. We have submitted a total of 15 guitars, and all 15 have received a recommendation from EGTA.

La Mancha Rubi CM

The 4 different models of our RUBI CM series are all characterized by good tunability, balanced sound and balanced string transitions, thus the judgment of the expert jury. Despite their size, all the instruments have a very good effect on their performance. This is expressed in the very good sound and the great playability of the instruments. Only in the 47 and 53 sizes was the saddle criticized as being too high. For this, the instruments have a good weight distribution and very comfortable neck thicknesses.

La Mancha Rubi S

The 53, 59 and 63 models were awarded from the Rubi S series. Here, the expert jury emphasized the pleasant, bell-like sound, which is very cultivated, bright and long lasting. The instruments have a good appearance, formed with a nice tone and therefore impresses with a good price / performance ratio.

La Mancha Rubi SM-EX

From the Rubi SM-EX series two models have won. The 59 and the 63 model. Both models impress with a very good playability and a light response. In the process, the instruments lose some of their power in the high positions, which, however, excellently compensate for their open and brilliant sound. The jury also highlighted the special appearance of the instruments. This is basically due to the special choice of wood in the back and sides (exotic mahogany).

La Mancha Rubinito CM

The Rubinito CM models were awarded in four sizes. The conclusion: for their size and their low price, the instruments are amazingly functional. Nevertheless, the jury of experts in this series certainly had their doubts. Particularly in terms of sound strength, the instruments have been given little instruction. Nevertheless, the positive properties clearly outweigh their negative counterparts. The instruments were classified as very tuneable with a surprisingly good intonation purity and a pleasant neck thickness.

La Mancha Rubinito LSM

The conclusion for the Rubinito LSM models (53, 59) was: “Strictly speaking, a plywood guitar – which sounds better than some with a massive blanket!” This quote is for us like a knighthood, because it confirms us once again in our work: we build affordable instruments of the highest quality. These include the criteria such as good sonic formability and a surprisingly strong, open sound. Thanks EGTA!