BRTHR for Shadow Guitars @ the Musikmesse 2018

We are very excited that the guys from BRTHR (German Band) will be accompanying us at the upcoming Musikmesse in Frankfurt. After a very successful kickoff at last year’s Musikmesse, we will be presenting Shadow Guitars at our booth this year. The musical accompaniment of Shadow Guitars will be provided by BRTHR.

The two Stuttgart-based guys are musical brothers in spirit and they have internalized the theme of deceleration. At least that’s how it appears when you hear their music. BRTHR call this “the power of slowness”, which sounds amazing especially through reduced melodies and a great deal of Southern rhythms. Everything is pretty low-fi…the great musical tradition of JJ Cale is undeniable. An old drum machine sets the pace and shows from the very beginning that the rhythm is King and melody only secondary. This is followed by the great guitar playing of the guys which is then centred around the vocals. BRTHR unites what we have often lost musically in some way: the authentic sound of music that focuses on the essence and rhythm.

BRTHR will also play on the Acoustic Stage!

We are very excited that the guys will be joining us. BRTHR will be playing at various sessions between the 12th and the 14th of April at our booth E92 in hall 8. They will also play a gig on the Acoustic Stage of the Musikmesse. Exact information will be available soon!